Technical & Development Departament

Our Technical Department is divided into two areas:

PROCEDURES, CONTROL AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS: fulfillment of in force norms, audits, ANMAT (INAME, INAL, Medical Technology), SENASA and SEDRONAR proceedings.

TECHNICAL AND DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT: with the aim of establishing a synergic relationship with the different technical departments of laboratories, quality control, development and production areas. We offer support in:

  • Development of active principles: DMFs, working standards, profiles and documentation.
  • Patents: non infringing products and assistance.
  • Formulation development: personalized support, active principles and excipients with added technology, semi-manufactured, manufacturing advantages.
  • Technologies / ´Know How´: quick dissolve, taste masking, controlled release, effervescents, chewables, etc.
  • Monographies: bibliographical assistance.